The Dumb Part Of Google’s Search Algorithm Just Got Smarter

Google released details of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology, RankBrain, in October — but the practical implications of the algorithm on search were not realized until this year, according to a study. The original intention was to decipher and put into context about 15% of the queries Google had not seen in the past. The study by Stone Temple Consulting set out to determine whether the machine-learning algorithm used to process search queries really understands the meanings. As recent as June and July 2015, Google’s search engine had trouble processing many queries, and to prove it Stone Temple Consulting CEO Eric Enge found more than 100 examples in about one million search queries. The study analyzes how much Google’s search results have improved after implementing RankBrain as the third most important…

Link to Full Article: The Dumb Part Of Google’s Search Algorithm Just Got Smarter

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