The Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence is now in its second year, and has significantly grown this year, both in terms of the number of categories of award and the number of votes received.

These annual awards are to celebrate the various achievements of the AI community in developing new algorithms, products and services across a number of different categories and industries. We also acknowledged the work of startups and individuals who’s focus on AI is advancing the field.

This year we have 17 categories covering a range of topics and sectors that shows how diverse the field of AI is and specifically how its application is spreading across many industries. We also announce the Person and Company as well as the AI Tool or Framework of the Year.

A new addition to the awards this year is our Special Award for AI Achievement for the person, company, product or tool we feel most deserving of our recognition.

We are pleased to announce the Winners of the AI Awards, and full details are listed on our website http://Awards.AI. You can also see the media responses at @Awards_AI

However, as an exclusive to Neurons.AI, we are able to give a world exclusive and announce the winners of five of the seventeen awards here right now:

13) AI Person of the Year
Person who has contributed most to the AI community in 2016. Either works for a company developing AI, is an academic or researcher in the field, or is supporting the AI community in some way.

Louis Rosenberg ( )

Rosenberg invented the technology of Artificial Swarm Intelligence, which combines humans and machines into “hive minds” that are significantly smarter than humans or machines alone.  This could be the single best hope we have for keeping humans relevant in an A.I. dominated future. It’s that big.

14) AI Company of the Year
Company that has contributed most to the AI community in 2015, again this can be a corporate or startup, based in any country around the world.

Afiniti ( )

Afiniti is a world-leader in applied Artificial Intelligence solutions for businesses. Founded in 2007 with the primary objective of developing a transformative technology to improve contact center performance for large enterprises. Afiniti optimizes call outcomes by using artificial intelligence to pair agents with callers in real-time based on predicted interpersonal behavior. Every major telecom in the western hemisphere has partnered with Afiniti. To date, Afiniti has paired over 550 million calls around the world. Afiniti delivers precisely measurable results for its clients, which include T-Mobile USA, Vodafone, Sprint, Virgin Media, DirectTV, Caesars Entertainment, and Sky.

15) AI Application of the Year
Overall the best AI application for 2016. Considered the application that contributes the most to advancing the field of AI

Adgorithms ( )

Founded in 2010, Adgorithms liberates marketers from the pain and complexities of modern marketing. The company built “Albert” – the first-ever artificial intelligence (AI) marketing platform to serve as a highly intelligent and sophisticated member of a brand’s marketing team. Albert is able to perform many of the manual, time-consuming tasks that exist throughout a marketing campaign – from digital media buying to execution to optimization, and analysis. Albert additionally offers proactive, ongoing insights and recommendations on information he has learned and uncovered along his journey. Leading brands such as Harley Davidson, Evisu and are leveraging Albert to increase and accelerate revenue, make more informed investment decisions and reduce operational costs – all at a pace and scale not previously possible.

16) Best AI Tool or Framework of the Year
Overall the best tool or framework that has enabled the development of the field of AI

Numenta Platform for Intelligent Computing, or NuPIC. (

NuPIC is an open source project based on a theory of neocortex called Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM). Parts of HTM theory have been implemented, tested, and used in applications, and other parts of HTM theory are still being developed. Today the HTM code in NuPIC can be used to analyze streaming data. It learns the time-based patterns in data, predicts future values, and detects anomalies. NuPIC includes discussion groups on HTM theory, research on extending HTM, and source code for complete applications based on HTM. We welcome participation in all of these areas.

17) The Special Award for AI Achievement
Our Special Award for a person, company, product or tool we feel deserving of our recognition.

Jean-Philippe de Lespinay of Tree Logic ( )

Tree Logic presents a computer technology, “La Maieutique”, which will drive world data processing into a new aera : the aera of computer becoming “human”, communicative, intelligent and knowledge-hungry. Plus these key abilities we have been waiting from him since its inception : helpful, never forgetting a new knowledge, and user friendly.


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