The History of Optogenetics Revised

PIXABAY, GERALTThe creation of optogenetics as a popular approach to manipulating neural behavior is largely attributed to Stanford University’s Karl Deisseroth and MIT’s Ed Boyden. The pair, in collaboration with their colleagues, published a seminal Nature Neuroscience paper (cited more than 2,100 times, according to Google Scholar) in 2005 that is often credited as the beginning of optogenetics. But a report in STAT News today (September 1) reveals that a Wayne State researcher by the name of Zhuo-Hua Pan actually got optogenetics to work first. The method works by introducing channelrhodopsin into cells; activating the light-sensitive molecule alters the activity of the cell. “In August 2004, Boyden shined light on a brain neuron in a dish and recorded electrical activity from the channelrhodopsin,” STAT reported. “Pan had done the same…

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