The Interview: David Eagleman, rock star of neuroscience

“If we could see the whole world… God, it would blow our little minds off” Brain man: David Eagleman wearing a brain-computer interface. As well as a pioneer of neuroscience he is a successful author (Dan Winters) In the lobby of the Ritz-Carlton hotel near Jacksonville, Florida, people are gathering for a conference in the usual way — schmoozing, drinking and flirting. In each of their brains, the rationalising prefrontal cortex is being overwhelmed by the incoming signals. More primitive brain regions are wildly overestimating the possibility of a sexual or a career-boosting encounter. In the midst of this erotic/ambitious maelstrom, I recognise the man in a black tracksuit flicking at his phone. I introduce myself. This is David Eagleman. He looks like a 1970s rock star — he has thick…

Link to Full Article: The Interview: David Eagleman, rock star of neuroscience

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