The leader of the ‘transhumanist’ movement has a fantastic origin story

Tech InsiderRay Kurzweil Today computer science pioneer Ray Kurzweil is known for founding the transhumanist movement, which introduced the idea of the “technological singularity”: when artificial intelligence becomes powerful enough to program better versions of itself. If it happens such an explosion of digital intelligence will quickly surpass human comprehension and, depending on who you ask, either lead to a Terminator-esque apocalypse or fuse with the human brain, bringing our species to new intellectual heights. But long before the advent of transhumanism Kurzweil led a peculiar if not incredible life. Kurzweil spoke about his rise to prominence with StarTalk Radio host Neil deGrasse Tyson for Tech Insider’s Innovators video series, in between politely disagreeing with Tyson about the future of humanity. Kurzweil said he began programming at the age of…

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