The Neuroscience of Ghosts

A ghost horse, obviously. (Photo: geezaweezer/Flickr) Despite an exterior presence that exudes a certain amount of common sense and belief in the scientific process, more than just about anything, I desperately want to see a ghost. I’m Scully in the streets, but Mulder in the sheets. I’ve dropped some serious coinage on tours of haunted places. I’ve examined “ghost photos” with a wide variety of photo-enhancement technology. I’ve snuck into decrepit, abandoned buildings, where spirits of the dead supposedly linger. I’ve taken out the Ouija board, and chanted “Bloody Mary” into a mirror on a candlelit Halloween. And still: Nada. Not one damn moment of ghostly contact. Enough people have claimed to have seen or “felt” ghosts that there has to be something to it. Am I just an unlucky…

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