The singularity is never coming, but it’s already here

Ben Narasin Crunch Network Contributor Ben Narasin was an entrepreneur for 25 years, a seed investor for 8 and is now a VC as a General Partner at Canvas Ventures. More posts by this contributor: IPO Slowdown: A Look At Company Profitability The Entrepreneurial Journey Is More Darkness Than Light How to join the networkWhen I heard Ray Kurzweil present the concept of the singularity to a small group at TED, the idea that computing power advances would ultimately allow thinking machines to advance beyond humans’ ability to advance them, and eventually allow us to “upload” our own consciousness into an eternal ether, I was so smitten I committed to living long enough to live forever. I even practiced caloric restriction for several years. Although many things can improve life expectancy, caloric restriction…

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