The “Terasem” group wants to help transform you into an AI

It’s BINA48, the ICBM-obsessed robot.Lots of people who consider themselves futurists expect a day will come when people will be able to transfer their consciousness to non-biological entities—uploading their minds into whatever the post-singularity version of a computer is. Leaving aside whether “the singularity” as a concept makes any sense (hint: it doesn’t), what might this transfer process actually look like? Would it involve scanning the brain with some kind of imager, or hooking up wires to specific locations in the nervous system, or something else entirely? Recently Ars was made aware of a group out there that claims to be actually preparing for the happy day when human consciousness can inhabit a machine. In fact, it’s already experimenting a bit with some initial attempts at making that happen. And…

Link to Full Article: The “Terasem” group wants to help transform you into an AI

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