The untold “app gap” story Part IV: Going from (A)pps to (B)ots

There are always two sides to a story. Our ongoing analysis of the data presented in the 2015 US Mobile App Report, as reviewed in this series, clearly reveals an “app gap” story that is rarely, if ever, told by most tech media. That is the story of human behavior. Human behavior in relation to apps is a critical factor that must be considered when presenting the quantity and quality variables of the app gap equation. Through an analysis of the data beginning in part I and culminating here, we’ve clearly seen the unfolding of a tale that reveals that the app gap for the average smartphone user, based on human behavior, is far less impactful than many surmise. We’ve also seen that we are moving from a user initiated…

Link to Full Article: The untold “app gap” story Part IV: Going from (A)pps to (B)ots

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