The White House Wants To End Racism In Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence can often be just as unintentionally prejudiced as its human creators, with potentially disastrous consequences. The US government thinks educating future programmers on AI ethics will help solve our computers’ fairness problem. The White House released its report on the future of artificial intelligence research in the US on Wednesday, and it contains a slew of recommendations. In a section on fairness, the report notes what numerous AI researchers have already pointed out: biased data results in a biased machine. For example, artificial intelligence is being used by law enforcement across North America to identify convicts at risk of re-offending and high-risk areas for crime. But recent reports have suggested that AI will disproportionately target or otherwise disadvantage people of colour. If a dataset—say, a bunch of faces—contains…

Link to Full Article: The White House Wants To End Racism In Artificial Intelligence

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