Thinkbox and Neuro-Insight: how to do brainy TV ads

TV marketing body Thinkbox has commissioned a new neuroscientific study which, it says, has identified creative factors that help make TV advertising work. The study is from Neuro-Insight, said to be a leader in ‘consumer neuroscience market research.’ It analysed over 150 ads, coding each of them against over 50 different creative factors to identify which strongly correlated with long-term memory encoding (LTME) at key branding moments. According to Neuro-Insight, once a message is processed by our long-term memory, it can last a lifetime and research shows LTME correlates strongly with decision-making and future behaviour. Without LTME, an ad is just entertainment. The outcome of the correlation analysis was an identification of creative factors that make it more likely that brands in TV ads will be stored in long-term memory.…

Link to Full Article: Thinkbox and Neuro-Insight: how to do brainy TV ads

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