This anecdote explains why you shouldn’t fear AI…yet

We may be looking at about 5.1 million jobs being lost by 2020 due to artificial intelligence (AI) and modern technology, but an anecdote told during a CNBC panel last week in Davos highlights that there’s not that much to fear just yet. “I’ve watched all the sci-fi, terminator, Robocop…and do we have worry about that? Maybe someday, but not today. Let’s be realistic about where we are. A good example that I heard recently was, what if you take an AI and you ask it a question? You say to your phone, when was Abraham Lincoln born? Well, it’s going to recognize your voice, it’s going to process it, look up in a database and give you an answer,” Matthew Grob, chief technology officer at Qualcomm said. “What if…

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