This Machine Was Built To Give You Nightmares

Great news, technophobes: Machines are now learning how to scare us. With the help of deep learning algorithms, an artificial intelligence project dubbed the Nightmare Machine is figuring out how to create the most horrifying human faces possible, and the results are just as disturbing as you might have hoped or feared. “Warning: Images on this website are generated by deep learning algorithms and may not be suitable for all users,” reads a message on the Nightmare Machine webpage. And it isn’t wrong. The scariest faces produced by the Nightmare Machine so far look like an Instagram account from hell: eyes replaced with blackened sockets, skin seemingly flayed from bloodied faces, lips pulled ghoulishly back from the teeth of rotting corpses. But if we find the facial phantasmagoria dismaying, we…

Link to Full Article: This Machine Was Built To Give You Nightmares

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