This Machine Writes Better Clickbait Than You

When researchers experiment with machine learning, it’s often to create helpful tools for humans. Computers, by design, compliment our natural flaws: they don’t get tired, or stressed out, and they especially don’t exaggerate. Typically, they’re all about the hard facts and numbers. But Norwegian developer Lars Eidnes took the opposite approach, creating a learning machine designed to trick humans by preying their curiosity and gullibility—much as some human writers do these days. Eidnes built a clickbait generator. Clickbait—a term referring to articles with sensationalist headlines that fail to deliver on their premises—runs rampant on the internet today, as a growing number of media outlets greatly exaggerate or inflate relatively insignificant events to grab readers’ eyes. Large, bold headlines promise lists of items that will shock, delight, inspire, or amaze you…

Link to Full Article: This Machine Writes Better Clickbait Than You

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