This NASA-Developed AI Could Help Save Firefighters’ Lives

Being a firefighter in a blaze is an immensely disorienting experience. Your sight is obscured by smoke and flames, your hearing overcome with the sound of crackling fire and wood. You don’t know the layout of the building you’re entering, or its potential dangers. Is there a propane tank in the basement? Is there a child needing rescue in a smoke-veiled back bedroom? An artificial intelligence system developed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory aims to make this hazardous experience safer. AUDREY (Assistant for Understanding Data through Reasoning, Extraction, and sYnthesis) can guide firefighters by tracking their movements, identifying hazards and facilitating communication. “Back in 1999, firefighters got killed in a building because they were trapped and they couldn’t find their way out,” says Edward Chow, manager of the Jet Propulsion…

Link to Full Article: This NASA-Developed AI Could Help Save Firefighters’ Lives

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