This Thesaurus Translates Between Liberals And Conservatives

Do conservatives and liberals speak different languages? Given the heated nature of political debate these days, it certainly seems like it. But how do you find common ground when people from different sides of the aisle are trying to communicate? This question was one of the motivations behind Partisan Thesaurus, a project that enables you to type any word and see the other words with which liberals and conservatives mostly commonly associate it. Type a politically charged word like “immigrant,” and see that liberals associate it with “undocumented,” “innocent,” and “unarmed,” while conservatives associate it with “alien,” “outcast,” and “obscure.” The top three words for “jobs” in the liberal thesaurus are “businesses,” “mortgages,” and “products,” while on the conservative side they’re “families,” “workers,” and “votes.” “I think of the project…

Link to Full Article: This Thesaurus Translates Between Liberals And Conservatives

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