To Master ‘Doom,’ Build an A.I. That Remembers to Duck

Working with only the time and resources that they could afford over a Pittsburgh summer, Carnegie Mellon computer science students Devendra Chaplot and Guillaume Lample got in a shootout with Facebook and Intel. Their hired gun? A homemade A.I. capable of absolutely destroying the classic 1993 computer game Doom. With the game’s pixelated visual output serving as the only input, Chaplot’s and Lample’s software bot “thinks” as it moves around its virtual environment, deciding which Cyberdemon, shotgun guy, or Cacodemon to reduce to a pile of crimson goo. Their software plays the game as a person would, except it’s much, much better than a human player. The duo named their bot Arnold, which took second place at this year’s VizDoom, a competition that is perhaps the raddest gamification of hardcore…

Link to Full Article: To Master ‘Doom,’ Build an A.I. That Remembers to Duck

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