Toddlers are surprisingly better than robots at most things

Getty Images / John Moore Artificial intelligence can perform some mind-boggling tasks faster and better than any human. Time and time again, robots have proved their superiority over humans in Jeopardy, chess, and even stock trading. But strangely enough, AI systems still struggle at tasks that come naturally to you and I, even when we were tiny toddlers. Pieter Abeel, a roboticist at the University of California, Berkeley and co-founder of Gradescope, told Tech Insider that what today’s AI struggles most with with are simple sensory tasks — including touch, vision, and locomotion. Called the “Hans Moravec’s Paradox,” it’s a problem that plagues today’s most sophisticated AI. The paradox is named after the AI researcher who wrote about the problem in his 1990 book “Mind Children: The Future of Robot…

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