Top-Performing AI Still Can’t Pass an 8th Grade Science Test

We may not have to worry about a hostile Skynet takeover just yet. According to the results of a recent contest held by the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, the most advanced AI out there right now still can’t pass a test designed for a 13-year-old.The contest invited over 800 teams of AI researchers to submit their most sophisticated program with the goal of passing an eighth grade science test. The results were released today, and the top-performing programs were only able to answer approximately 60% of the questions correctly. In other words, everyone failed (or at best, received a soft D minus, depending on your middle school’s policy). AI is undoubtedly becoming more and more advanced, and has become especially proficient in specific tasks like chess, with Google researchers even achieving…

Link to Full Article: Top-Performing AI Still Can’t Pass an 8th Grade Science Test

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