Torture does not work – Irish expert

Information secured is ‘deeply unreliable’ Dec 01, 2015 Deborah Condon Torture has long been used as a method of getting people to talk. However a leading Irish neuroscientist is insisting that the information obtained during torture sessions is ‘deeply unreliable’.According to Prof Shane O’Mara, professor of experimental brain research and director of the Trinity Institute of Neuroscience, there is no scientific basis for the claim that torture leads to the extraction of reliable information from detainees. “For ethical reasons, there are no scientific studies of torture. But neuroscientists know a lot about how the brain reacts to fear, extreme temperatures, starvation, thirst, sleep deprivation, and immersion in freezing water, all tools of the torturer’s trade. These stressors create problems for memory, mood, and thinking, and suf­ferers predictably produce information that…

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