Toyota to finance million ‘intelligent’ vehicle project

1967 Toyota 2000GT. No, this isn’t self-driving, but it’s Friday before Labor Day weekend and this reporter thinks it’s pretty. The folks at Stanford will concentrate on computer vision and machine learning. Pratt headed up DARPA’s robotics challenge, among other projects. These research centers are going to work on projects that are related to the use of driving. Pratt was quoted as saying that, whereas Google and Tesla have created “serial” cars that replace what humans do, Toyota has created a “parallel” system that watches the driver and, like “guardian angel” steps in when necessary. Semi-autonomous technologies are starting to hit markets today, from adaptive cruise control that maintains a safe following distance behind a lead auto, to lane-departure prevention that steers and directs a vehicle to stay between…

Link to Full Article: Toyota to finance million ‘intelligent’ vehicle project

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