Toyota to invest M in AI research, will team with Stanford and MIT

When Skynet becomes self aware and we prepare to welcome our robot overlords, we can lay the blame squarely at the feet of Toyota, MIT, and Stanford. The automaker and the two universities have announced a partnership to research artificial intelligence.Toyota will invest approximately $50 million over the next five years to develop research facilities in Stanford, CA, and Cambridge, MA. The Japanese manufacturer also poached Dr. Gill Pratt, a program manager and head of the Robotics Challenge at shadowy governmental research outfit DARPA.”We will initially focus on the acceleration of intelligent vehicle technology, with the immediate goal of helping eliminate traffic casualties and the ultimate goal of helping improve quality of life through enhanced mobility and robotics,” Toyota Research and Development boss Kiyotaka Ise said in the attached statement.”This…

Link to Full Article: Toyota to invest M in AI research, will team with Stanford and MIT

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