Training AI to be man’s smartest best friend

“Albert, you have all the cranial capacity of a canary. Now I am going to recount these events of historical significance once again. Now please, please try to assimilate them this time.”  Blood tutors his human sidekick in “A Boy and his Dog.” In the 1975 movie “A Boy and His Dog,” Blood is the dog: telepathic; trained in police tactics; and much, much smarter than the boy. Unlike the artificial intelligences Hollywood has wrung its hands over – Colossus, Hal, the B.O.S.S, WOPR, Aria, M5, Proteus IV, Zoanon, Master Control, and Skynet – Blood’s superior intelligence does not lead him to dominate our species. Blood is faithful. He looks out for the teenaged scavenger foraging in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, regardless of the human’s incredible stupidity. Couldn’t AI be like…

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