Turn based RPG AI : how can I handle risk / reward ?

Hello! I’ve got a game design AI related issue I’m having trouble to solve and I’d love to have you guys input on this A bit of background on my game: I’m designing an idle/incremantal RPG with a turn based battle system similar to FF7. The player can setup pre-determined rules for his party that the game engine will then execute (very much like the FF12 gambit system: a bunch of if/then/else do that). I am now working on the monster’s AI. I’ve settled for a chess-like approach to the problem: Create a tree of all possible game state by listing at each unit’s turn, each possible move/skill she can use. And then, parse that tree and find the best move for the AI. I used a custom evaluation function…

Link to Full Article: Turn based RPG AI : how can I handle risk / reward ?

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