Understanding Olfaction: An Interview with Elizabeth Hong

Elizabeth Hong, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience, works on the two-photon laser scanning microscope in her lab. Credit: Lance Hayashida/Caltech You walk by a bakery, smell the scent of fresh cookies, and are immediately reminded of baking with your grandmother as a child. The seemingly simple act of learning to associate a smell with a good or bad outcome is actually quite a complicated behavior—one that can begin as a single synapse, or junction, where a signal is passed between two neurons in the brain. Assistant Professor of Neuroscience Betty Hong is interested in how animals sense cues in their environment, process that information in the brain, and then use that information to guide behaviors. To study the processing of information from synapse to behavior, her work focuses on olfaction—or chemical…

Link to Full Article: Understanding Olfaction: An Interview with Elizabeth Hong

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