UROP Student’s Project: a Thinking Robot

Self-directed ‘bot can identify objects In the video above, watch Emily Fitzgerald’s artificially intelligent robot. “That is a ball.” “I do believe that is a cone.” “Seems like a wonderful book.” The voice is mechanical and flat, and anyone offering such banal commentary and sounding so bored would surely bomb in a job interview. But in this case, the observations are impressive. They’re made by what looks like a two-foot-tall stack of hors d’oeuvre trays on wheels, careening around the floor and proclaiming its discoveries as its “eye,” an attached camera, falls on them. This robot has learned to recognize these specific objects—and to steer around obstacles, albeit clumsily—without human guidance. Its camera sends information about what it sees to a laptop sitting atop the robot; the laptop in turn…

Link to Full Article: UROP Student’s Project: a Thinking Robot

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