US Navy employs video games to prevent a robot apocalypse

The United States Navy is using artificial intelligence software to teach its robots about human ethics and norms. They think that way robots won’t become ‘psychotic’ and turn against the human race. To create the software, the Navy teamed up with a research team at the Georgia Institute of Technology on a project called Quixote, the name of the AI software.   “For years, researchers have debated how to teach robots to act in ways that are appropriate, non-intrusive and trustworthy,” Marc Steinberg, an Office of Naval Research program manager who oversees the research, said in a statement. “One important question is how to explain complex concepts such as policies, values or ethics to robots. Humans are really good at using narrative stories to make sense of the world and…

Link to Full Article: US Navy employs video games to prevent a robot apocalypse

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