Use this calculator to see if robots will take your job

If artificial intelligence researchers, entrepreneurs and economists are to be believed, the robotic onslaught that will annihilate our jobs and transform all of society is nigh. Thankfully, the BBC assembled a handy guide that calculates which jobs are likely to be automated in the next 20 years, based on data from a 2013 Oxford study. The Oxford study identified nine skills people needed and used for each profession — including “social perceptiveness, negotiation, persuasion, assisting and caring for others, originality, fine arts, finger dexterity, manual dexterity, and the need for a cramped work space.” Just enter your profession, and click “Find my automation risk” to see where it falls on the scale. BBC As an example, I entered journalist, which has an 8% likelihood of automation. Here’s part of the…

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