Using Artificial Intelligence to Write Self-Modifying/Improving Programs ICSO is a function of bioentropy, and Dynamic Global Workspace [DGW] of Intelligence and Complex Systems. Dynamic Global Workspace Effect [DGWE], c.f. Cognition may be generated by and distinct from the [Geo]-Physical observer Universe and is comprised of biophysical, e.g. quantumizable, hermetric electrophysical events and probability series in the CNS such as biophotonic and biochemical relay across microtubulin, glia, axons, actin and synapses resulting in computational sequences of amino acids and cellular biophysics. Non-human, cogitating species e.g. insects, aviates, canidae and primates have evolved similarly two-state, quantum tunneling B/CNS mechanics for analogous problem-solving and charting programs in their DGW Mindspace and Mindscape/Timespace and Timescape-CEMGDLandspace and Landscape in physical representation and mechanics. These evolutionary developments advance real-time and generational plasticine or Hebbian sensory evaluations and decisions, based on internal and…

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