Using Machine Learning to Conduct Meta-Analyses

AidGrade gathers information from academic studies and synthesizes the results in meta-analyses and systematic reviews. This evidence can inform policy decisions, and it is important to stay up-to-date.New studies are coming out all the time. ScienceScape, for example, has catalogued 25 million studies in health alone. In this environment, it’s very difficult for meta-analyses to stay current so that policymakers are getting the best evidence.We believe that machine learning can help solve this problem. We will use it to try to extract information from academic papers, including details of the study (e.g. where it was done, sample characteristics, whether it was a randomized controlled trial) as well as effect sizes, which are used in meta-analysis. We feel that with recent progress in machine learning, this is well worth the effort. Each piece of information…

Link to Full Article: Using Machine Learning to Conduct Meta-Analyses

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