Using Machines to Smooth Out Insurance Processes

Anyone in the industry is familiar with the need to constantly scrutinize and update business processes, and that it’s a job that never stops. We’re still, in many ways, living in the wake of the great process re-engineering binge of the late 1980s and early 1990s, when companies tried to identify and tear down all the obstacles they’ve been throwing up in front of customers and employee productivity. Now, algorithms may be picking up the work of process re-engineering. Machine-learning algorithms may already be having a huge impact on many key business processes, from customer service to managing finances. In a recent Harvard Business Review article, H. James Wilson, Allan Alter, and Prashant Shukla – all with Accenture Analytics – described the progress that’s being made in machine learning, and…

Link to Full Article: Using Machines to Smooth Out Insurance Processes

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