Video Machine Learning: A Content Marketing Revolution?

Video marketing is being revolutionized by fast data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.  The dawn of data-driven video is upon us. Video takes the lion’s share of marketing spend and fast-growing mobile video is surpassing all other marketing methods. Video industry leaders who embrace these advanced technologies will establish a formidable competitive advantage. Understanding behavior and content consumption is key in optimizing mobile video. Brands have an insatiable appetite for consumer engagement, as evident in brands’ adoption of video, report YouTube, Facebook and InMobi. The industry is moving away from the video interruption ad model and premium video is taking a key spot. A major battle is brewing between video networks, publishers, and content creators. Those who have intelligent data will win the video marketing revolution. With few exceptions, old school person-to-person media…

Link to Full Article: Video Machine Learning: A Content Marketing Revolution?

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