Video: Why is HPC so Important to AI?

Bryan Catanzaro, Baidu In this video from the SF Big Analytics Meetup, Bryan Catanzaro from Baidu presents: Why is HPC so important to AI? It is difficult for traditional speech systems, including those commercially available today, to take full advantage of big datasets. For example, traditional speech systems require phonemic transcriptions in order to train their acoustic models. The process of creating a training set based on phonemic representation is complicated, since humans are not good at manually labeling phonemes. This is usually done with a multi-stage and possibly error-prone bootstrapping process. In contrast, our approach requires only text transcriptions of the utterances, which are easy for people to create. Additionally, a traditional model that outputs phoneme probabilities for use by a language model has imposed an intermediate representation: the phonemes themselves. Deep Learning…

Link to Full Article: Video: Why is HPC so Important to AI?

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