Vinod Khosla: even VCs could be replaced by machine learning

On Tuesday, we hosted our second annual Post Seed (#postseedconf) event, co-hosted by Bullpen Capital and Venture51. One of the keynote speakers who joined us on stage was Vinod Khosa of Khosla Ventures. He was interviewed by Vator’s founder and CEO Bambi Francisco. A little over a year ago, Khosla wrote an article in Forbes about machine learning, and income inequality, in which he identified around 702 job functions, of which 47 percent are at risk of being automated. “Of the jobs mentioned in that report you cited, which ones are you most excited to automate that you haven’t invested in yet?” Francisco asked him. “Let me answer that in a more general way. I think the impact of machine learning on society will be larger than the impact of mobile on society. That’s a pretty radical statement.…

Link to Full Article: Vinod Khosla: even VCs could be replaced by machine learning

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