Watch Google’s A.I. Figure Out ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ In Four Tries

What separates humans from artificial intelligence — for now — is our ability to learn quickly with just a few examples. We can see a dog once and determine if most other animals we see are dogs or not. Computers, our binary friends, aren’t so easily adaptable. It usually takes millions of examples to teach a computer to recognize a cat or understand language. That’s why now, researchers are investing a lot of time to make machines that learn faster and from fewer examples. The latest research from Google’s artificial intelligence-focused DeepMind division explores a new way to build artificial curiosity—incentivizing the A.I. to learn by making it want to win the game. And the algorithm is playing the game just like humans would, by looking at the…

Link to Full Article: Watch Google’s A.I. Figure Out ‘Montezuma’s Revenge’ In Four Tries

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