Watch Google’s DeepMind AI Play Another Atari Cult Classic

For a while now, Google’s company DeepMind has been working on an artificial intelligence (AI) which plays Atari games better than you remember your older brother playing them in the 1980s. The AI is not only extremely proficient at playing these cult classics but has also learned to play 49 of them completely on its own. Despite this impressive feat, the DeepMind’s creation isn’t perfect and some games have simply proved to be too complicated for it to learn them on its own, Montezuma’s Revenge being one of them. However, the Google-owned company has recently been hard at work correcting the flaws in its AI which has finally mastered the unforgiving 1984 platformer developed by the now-defunct Utopia Software. As its developers explain it, they had to make the AI “curious…

Link to Full Article: Watch Google’s DeepMind AI Play Another Atari Cult Classic

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