WATCH: Robot Chameleon Changes Color

Arnold Schwarzenegger has played a number of iconic roles in his life. In the titular role of “The Terminator,” he plays a nearly indestructible cyborg sent back in time to protect the interests of an artificial intelligence system known as Skynet. The future, as told by “The Terminator,” is terrifying. In another 80’s blockbuster, Schwarzenegger plays a mercenary forced to track down the Predator, an invisible creature lurking through the jungles of Guatemala. The world, as told by “Predator,” is also terrifying. Now imagine both of those scenarios combined into one. Engineers at the Wuhan University in China have developed a small, 3D-printed robot. Using plasmonic displays, the robot can alter its skin to match its surroundings. “The key to the biomimetic technology is realizing electrically driven actuation of broad reflection bands, which may be partially enabled by some of the existing ‘e-paper’ or ‘e-chem’ display approaches, including electrophoretic, cholesteric liquid…

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