Watch this epic science fiction short film written by an AI

Ars Technica is hosting the online debut of Sunspring, a movie that was written entirely by an artificial intelligence (AI). “To be specific, it was authored by a recurrent neural network called long short-term memory, or LSTM for short. At least, that’s what we’d call it. The AI named itself Benjamin,” Ars Technica reported. An LSTM recurrent neural network is a a type of AI that is often used for text recognition. Director Oscar Sharp made Sunspring for Sci-Fi London, as an entry to the annual film festival’s 48-hour film challenge. Contestants are given a set of prompts, mostly props and lines, which have to appear in a movie they make over two days. Sharp teamed up with an AI researcher at New York University, Ross Goodwin, to use an artificial intelligence to develop the…

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