We have a nerd situation, and its name is ‘artificial intelligence’

If you’re a nerd, please stop reading. Just to make sure nobody’s cheating: THERE’S AN ELVEN LONGSWORD SIGNED BY DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CO-CREATOR GARY GYGAX ON DISPLAY AT YOUR LOCAL COMIC SHOP! OK, I think we’re clear now. Folks, we have a nerd situation that requires immediate attention. Since none of us are nerds, I’ll try to keep this as simple and devoid of nerd gibberish as possible. A team of researchers (nerd herd) at Google created an artificial intelligence program (computer thingy with thinky powers) called AlphaGo. The program was designed to play — and win — an ancient Chinese strategy game called Go. Being a non-nerd, you’re probably thinking, “Wow, who cares? Maybe I should go check out that sword he was talking about earlier.” No. First off,…

Link to Full Article: We have a nerd situation, and its name is ‘artificial intelligence’

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