Weka Explorer Error – training and test set no compatible

Sorry to do necroposting but I have the same exact problem. To be sure, I copied my headers between my .csv train and test files. Still, while preprocessing in weka and before is exactly the same, I still get the message that files are not compatible. What’s wrong at that point? I only have numeric and nominal classes. May it be that nominal classes don’t offer the same options, like for example passenger class (I try the titanic competition) being 1,2,3 nominal in first file but 1,2,4 in second (I know it is not possible, I just wonder if same mechanism would apply for other columns)? I did also create the same exact column layout, only putting ? in place of anything else in survived column. What are other mistakes…

Link to Full Article: Weka Explorer Error – training and test set no compatible

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