We’ll Know Soon If Google Can Beat a Super Grandmaster at Go

Three weeks from today, Google’s artificial intelligence will go head-to-head with the real thing.Over the past 18 months, researchers at DeepMind—a Google AI lab in the heart of London—have designed a computing system that can play the game of Go, the ancient Eastern version of chess. On March 9, in Seoul, South Korea, the DeepMind system—known as AlphaGo—will begin a five-game match against Lee Sedol, one of the very best (human) Go players on the planet. Over the last twenty years, machines have beaten the best human players at checkers, chess, Othello, Scrabble, even Jeopardy!. But Go is still unconquered territory. Unlike chess, Go is so complex that no machine could cycle through all possible moves in a reasonable amount of time. In order to win, a machine must mimic…

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