What AlphaGo’s Victory Means for Alphabet (GOOGL)

Even as Alphabet Inc.’s AlphaGo’s (GOOG) victory over Lee Sedol, the world’s reigning Go champion, generates headlines all over the world, the win is just a glimpse of AphaGo’s future capabilities and ability to generate revenues for Google. This is because artificial intelligence (AI) is key to the company’s future, and AlphaGo is expected to play a substantial role in helping the company get there. (See also: Google AI Defeats Go Board Game Master.) A Surge in AI Development A number of factors ranging from a drop in storage costs to increased computing power have coalesced to enable a surge of development in AI. From major technology conglomerates to startups, almost everyone is leveraging the power of AI to develop new systems and products. Some current examples include Amazon.com, Inc’s…

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