What game should artificial intelligence take on next?

What’s the deal with AI? Sergey Soldatov/Alamy Stock Photo This week, Google’s AlphaG0 beat a grandmaster at the complex game Go – an artificial intelligence milestone (see “How victory for Google’s Go AI is stoking fear in South Korea“, “Forget AlphaGo, the really smart AIs grapple with the real world” and “Humans strike back: How Lee Sedol won a game against AlphaGo“). Here’s what the experts say AI’s next big challenge should be. No-limit poker: Go represents the ultimate in games where all the information is available to the players. But AI still struggles with games where information is incomplete – like poker, where a player doesn’t know what card is coming next. “Computers have beaten the best people at heads-up limit Texas Hold’em, but not yet at no-limit, a…

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