What is Artificial Intelligence?

         |         |     Share Must-See Robotics at RoboBusiness 2015 In 2011, IBM Watson beat Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings. That started the clock for the distributed, natural language processing platform. Big Blue has aggressively harnessed Watson. It now is a main part of the company’s business portfolio and marketing strategy. It remains to be seen if AlphaGo will play the same role for Google’s DeepMind. The artificial intelligence (AI) platform celebrated a similar dramatic victory this week: It beat grandmaster Lee Sedol in a Go tournament in South Korea. Go is a very popular chess-like game in South Korea. This was a big deal in South Korea. The silver lining to the loss was that it led to the best quote ever: ’Last night was very gloomy,’ said Jeong Ahram, lead…

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