What Keeps AI Experts Up at Night?

DARPA hosted AI and robotics experts in St. Louis last week to discuss their fears and hopes for the future. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) $2.9 billion budget is funneled into many programs, grouped around complex military systems, the information explosion, biology as technology, and expanding the technological frontier. To this end, DARPA gathered 1,000 scientists, engineers, and innovators in St. Louis recently. On one panel, two veterans of artificial intelligence, Dr. Paul Cohen and Dr. Tom Dietterich, infused their serious examination of the space with a bit of insider geek humor. Cohen, who joined DARPA as a program manager in 2013 from the University of Arizona, sees a future where—due to collaborative computing—humans and machines can work alongside each other in mutual understanding, curing cancer and perhaps even creative works of music and art. “But machines that can…

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