What neuroscience can(not) bring to the world of business

Through the clinical application of neuroscience, researchers are now in a much better position to understand and treat brain-related illnesses. However, hardly a day passes without neuroscience being hailed in the media as a panacea for a variety of problems afflicting many non-clinical disciplines. Follow your imagination, and add the prefix ‘Neuro’ to any kind of existing discipline, and – lo and behold – a brand new discipline emerges, whether it is Neuro-strategy, Neuro-leadership, Neuro-marketing, Neuro-economics, or Neuro-education to name only a few. The volume and speed with which studies in these domains are published is staggering. Why does the prefix ‘neuro’ have such enticing effect on business researchers and practitioners? Part of the answer is the assumption that neuroscientific data, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (or fMRI), offers…

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