When AI Goes Wrong, We Won’t Be Able to Ask It Why

Software governs much of our daily lives from behind the scenes, from which sorts of information we consume, to who we date. For some, secretive algorithms decide whether they are at risk of committing a future crime. It’s only natural to want to understand how these black boxes accomplish all this, especially when it impacts us so directly. Artificial intelligence is getting better all the time. Google, for example, recently used a technique known as deep learning to kick a human’s ass at Go, an incredibly complex board game invented thousands of years ago. Researchers also believe deep learning could be used to find more effective drugs by processing huge amounts of data more quickly. More relatably, Apple has injected the technique into Siri to make her smarter. Futurists believe…

Link to Full Article: When AI Goes Wrong, We Won’t Be Able to Ask It Why

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