When Is the Singularity? Probably Not in Your Lifetime

Misconceptions By JOHN MARKOFF April 7, 2016 Misconception: Computers will outstrip human capabilities within many of our lifetimes. Actually: You won’t be obsolete for a long time, if ever, most researchers say. In March when Alphago, the Go-playing software program designed by Google’s DeepMind subsidiary defeated Lee Se-dol, the human Go champion, some in Silicon Valley proclaimed the event as a precursor of the imminent arrival of genuine thinking machines. The achievement was rooted in recent advances in pattern recognition technologies that have also yielded impressive results in speech recognition, computer vision and machine learning. The progress in artificial intelligence has become a flash point for converging fears that we feel about the smart machines that are increasingly surrounding us. However, most artificial intelligence researchers still discount the idea of an “intelligence…

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