White House: AI Is More Likely to be a Medic than a Soldier

The White House released a report on the rise of artificial intelligence on Wednesday, and key among its findings is the revelation that the U.S. military is more likely to rely on A.I. for support roles than for fully autonomous weapons on the battlefield. Killer robots that decide who lives and who dies have been a common specter in discussions about A.I. Even the U.S. government fears that Russia and China might develop their own killer bots. But the report published on Wednesday, which was authored by the National Science and Technology Council and the Subcommittee on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, said truly autonomous weapons are unlikely to debut any time soon. The authors say that A.I. is more likely to assist the Department of Defense with less-violent problems…

Link to Full Article: White House: AI Is More Likely to be a Medic than a Soldier

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