White House Prepares for Rise of the Machines

The Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society used a panel discussion at the White House Frontiers Conference to once again try to ease fears of a coming robot revolution.“Artificial” is a word like so many others — “insular,” “detached,” “craven,” “swamp” — that describe Washington, D.C.At the same time, “intelligence” — though it’s used to title multiple federal agencies — is not a word most Americans would associate with inside-the-Beltway types.Indeed, one had to decamp to Pittsburgh — home of Carnegie Mellon University — or tune in online for the White House Frontiers Conference, which included a “track” devoted to artificial intelligence (rimshot!) and related technologies machine learning, automation, and robotics.The gathering in Pittsburgh was a sort of valedictory, complete with the Orwellian overtones so often associated…

Link to Full Article: White House Prepares for Rise of the Machines

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